Judendorf/ Seegraben

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At home in Judendorf/Seegraben

Judendorf is located in the bend of the river Mur and is connected to the centre of town by a pedestrian bridge.

The Seegraben district is to the immediate north bordering attractive wooded recreational areas in the east and also the neighbouring community of Proleb.

Housing in Judendorf and Seegraben is mainly in apartment buildings, including many council flats . Judendorf is also home to many students who live in student accommodations.

The “Sonnensiedlung” estate on the Veitsberg has a great location high above town. This upland site brings with it many hours of sunshine and a superb view of the town and its surroundings.

Family with a newborn

Judendorf has many family-friendly council flats to offer. Photo: Freisinger


Seegraben is a former coal mining district. Many street names, the St. Barbara chapel and the miner monument are reminders of its busy industrial past.

In Judendorf/Seegraben you find:

  • All the infrastructure (medical doctors, pharmacy, shops, restaurants, …) within walking distance
  • Kindergarten, primary school, several playgrounds
  • The centre of town is within walking distance.
  • Green space and recreation areas (Seegraben/Veitsberg is great for walking; Bermenweg along the river)
Judendorf is very close to the town centre

Judendorf is very close to the town centre. Photo: Freisinger