Citizen Services Centre


Leoben City Hall
Erzherzog Johann-Straße 2
8700 Leoben
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Office hours:
The City Hall is currently closed -
appointments can be made by phone or e-mail

For passports: please make an appointment


  • Residence Registration: Registering a new place of residence
  • Grant for Students of Montanuniversität: Applying for the grant
  • Passport Services: Issuance and modification of passports and identity cards
  • Elections: Application for and issuance of voting cards
  • Benefits: Application forms for heating cost allowance, compensatory allowance, care allowance, diverse exemptions from costs or expenses, application for commuter allowance etc.
  • Activities for children and youth: Registration for vacation activities such as “Sport und Spaß”, kids’ recreational event, Family Pass “ZWEI UND MEHR”, etc.
  • Mobile phone signature: Registration and activation of mobile phone signature
  • Official confirmations: Certificate of Life for pension insurance institutions