Culture Award Laureates

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Since 1992, the City of Leoben has been bestowing the Culture Award on outstanding individuals in the artistic and cultural world.

Laureates since 2010

Sandra Wollner

Sandra Wollner, picture: Freisinger

2019:  Sandra Wollner


Read more in the Press release on the Cultural Award 2019 (in German)

Prof. Gotthard Fellerer

Prof. Gotthard Fellerer, picture: Foto Freisinger

2017: Prof. Gotthard Fellerer

Exhibition organiser, art theorist and publicist.

Read more in the Press release on the Culture Award 2017 (in German)

Erika Hoványi

Mag. Erika Hoványi, picture: Foto Freisinger

2015: Mag. Erika Hoványi

Visual artist.

group photo

Cornelia Praschag (2nd f. r.) and Erika Augustin (1st f. r.) with international students, picture: Freisinger

2014: Festival of Nations – Dr. Erika Augustin and Mag. Cornelia Praschag

Initiators of the internationally connecting festival and the “Platform Leoben International”.

Portrait Tschif Windisch

Günter “Tschif” Windisch, picture: Freisinger

2013: Günter “Tschif” Windisch

Dialect writer, initiator of “LE-Poetry Slam”.

Portrait Brandner Georg

Georg Brandner, picture: Freisinger

2012: Georg Brandner

Visual artist.

Portrait Eva K Anderson

Eva K. Anderson, picture: Jürgen Hammerschmid

2011: Eva K. Anderson


Portrait Monsignore Dr. Markus J. Plöbst

Monsignore Markus Plöbst, picture: Freisinger

2010: Monsignore Dr. Markus J. Plöbst

Town priest, book author.

2009 to 2000

Alois Hochstrasser with mayor Mr. Konrad

Alois Hochstrasser (left) with the mayor, Mr. Konrad, at the award ceremony, picture: Freisinger

2009: Prof. Alois J. Hochstrasser

Artistic director of the International Summer Philharmonic Orchestra Leoben.

Portrait Armin Russold

Armin Russold, picture: Freisinger

2008: Armin Russold


Arno Grünberger with the mayor, Mr. Konrad

Arno Grünberger (left) with the mayor, Mr. Konrad, at the award ceremony, picture: Foto Freisinger

2007: Mag. Arno Grünberger


Paul Zwietnig-Rottderdam

Paul Zwietnig-Rottderdam, picture: Thomas Preiss

2006: Paul Zwietnig-Rotterdam

Visual artist.

Portrait Uschi Payer

Uschi Payer, picture: Wilke

2005: Uschi Payer

Artist, gallery owner.

Trachtenverband Musikverein Kulturpreis

f. l.: Andi Stradner, the mayor Mr. Konrad and Siegfried Ussar, picture: Freisinger

2004: Obersteirischer Trachtenverband und Musikverein Leoben

Conservation, promotion and cultivation of tradition and culture in Leoben.

Portrait Thomas Stipsits

Thomas Stipsits, picture:

2003: Thomas Stipsits


Portait HR. Prof. Dr. Wilfried Seipel

Wilfried Seipel, picture: Freisinger

2002: HR. Prof. Dr. Wilfried Seipel

Egyptologist, historian, exhibition curator.

Operetta ensemble (Operetten-Ensemble)

Operetta ensemble (“Operetten-Ensemble”), picture: Wilke

2001: Operetten-Ensemble: Prof. Dir. Horst Zander, Mag. Dir. Hannes Moscher, Prof. DI Karl-Heinz Tinti

Initiators of “Operetta in Leoben”.

Herbert Lerchegger

Herbert Lerchegger, picture: Freisinger

2000: Mag. Herbert Lerchegger

Visual artist.

1999 to 1992

Logo des Obersteirischer Kulturbunds in Schwarz Weiß

1999: Obersteirischer Kulturbund

Upper Styrian education and culture association.

Günter Schilhan

Günter Schilhan, picture: Wilke

1998: Günter Schilhan


Portrait Wolfgang Dobrowsky

Wolfgang Dobrowsky, picture: Wilke

1997: Mag. Wolfgang Dobrowsky

Actor, director.

Porträt Mag. Andreas Wieser

Mag. Andreas Wieser, picture: Wilke

1996: Mag. Andreas Wieser

Clarinettist, member of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

Porträt Johann Svoboda

Johann Svoboda, picture: Wilke

1995: Johann Svoboda

Documentary filmmaker.

Stage scene of the Leoben Ensemble

Stage scene of the Leoben Ensemble (“Leobener Ensemble”), archive

1994: Leobener Ensemble under the direction of Rene Zöllinger

Theatre makers for children.

Mag. Elfriede Baumgartner

Mag. Elfriede Baumgartner, picture: Wilke

1993: Mag. Elfriede Baumgartner

Visual artist.

Portrait Günther Freitag

Günther Freitag, picture: Michael Freitag

1992: Mag. Günther Freitag