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The Leoben City Hall is closed - we are available by phone and e-mail:

CONTACT: +43 3842 4062-450, or



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The City of Leoben

Leoben is a city of culture, a university city, a city of commerce, a hub of upper Styria, the second largest city in Styria and the home of the headquarters of leading multinational companies. The "Schwammerlturm" (a steeple that resembles a mushroom), Leoben University, the Goesser Brewery and steel production are only some of Leoben’s trans-regional "trademarks." Glück auf – "May fortune smile upon you" in Leoben!

Today Leoben presents itself as a modern and globally interconnected city with a high quality of life which has successfully overcome the transition processes of past decades. This former mining city offers a broad array of culture and leisure facilities, diverse education and training opportunities and excellent healthcare services. With the upper Styrian mountain world just around the corner, Leoben also boasts multiple recreational areas, sports facilities and hiking trails, as well as a first-class wellness oasis, the Asia Spa.

As a centre of business and research Leoben is host to the headquarters of several global players, one of the most renowned Austrian universities and many scientific institutions, which together create high-quality employment and future prospects for the region.