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The vision of our city

Leoben is appreciated as a livable and lovable city; as a green centre of knowledge in the heart of Austria. Tradition coupled with innovation make Leoben a great place for living and working. It’s a city of education and research, where all age groups can feel at home. And with its extensive range of leisure and cultural activities within an environment of economic and ecological stability, Leoben is well positioned as the capital of Upper Styria.

The four strategic mainstays

Living, housing and leisure in Leoben

A healthy, social, people-centred city

We provide stimulus for the economy, education and digitalisation

Climate, infrastructure and the environment

Video statements on our mission

I really appreciate Leoben and its cultural venues – especially the Municipal Theatre, the oldest continuously operating theatre in Austria that still shines in all of its well-preserved splendour. The openness of the people here and their friendliness touch me; as does the wonderful nature in and around Leoben.

I would like to appeal to all the dedicated people working in the social sector – only when we all join forces can we achieve something. Social cohesion is essential, because only by helping each other can we look to the future with confidence!

There are great start-ups in Leoben, fantastic small, medium and large enterprises that all have innovation inscribed in their DNA. Leoben offers excellent education and training opportunities with its Higher Secondary Technical School and Leoben University. These factors provide the perfect conditions for the “Logistiksommer” event.

The municipal area of Leoben consists of 80% forested land; this is very important for the adjustment to climate change. To preserve the woodland and make it climate-fit, the City of Leoben cooperates with the surrounding communities to develop adjustment strategies.

Some 4,000 students from 90 countries enjoy the excellent education at MUL and bring life to the city. Leoben University is also the employer of around 1,300 people. The wide range of leisure and cultural activities and the beautiful surroundings of Leoben guarantee that both students and our employees feel at home in the city.

“Greentec Steel” is our shared approach to a green future. voestalpine has set itself the goal of making steel production CO2-neutral by the year 2050. In Leoben we find the ideal conditions to achieve this.

A citizen-centred approach is an important issue in modern and forward-looking administrations. With this in mind, Leoben Municipality has set up community centres in large residential areas in the past few years. These centres are points of contact for neighbours and organise a varied programme of activities.

With its plan to establish a primary care centre, Leoben plays a pioneering role in the healthcare provision in the region. This is an important contribution to ensuring comprehensive and state-of-the-art medical care for the citizens.

We set ourselves very high standards in order to provide our citizens with a clean and livable environment.

Leoben is a city of football! We look forward to working with Leoben Municipality on our way to our Mission 28. In order to live up to the mission, we also need the city.

We particularly appreciate the Municipality’s forward-looking approach to urban planning, which ensures both the availability and the affordability of building land.

The whole world is facing the major challenges of environmental and climate protection. And we also have to act regionally and locally here in Leoben. I think it is great that Leoben has committed itself to protecting our environment and the climate in its strategy for the future.

Montanuniversität Leoben
Cover of the mission folder of the City of Leoben

Cover of the mission folder of the City of Leoben; Picture: BüKo

Download mission folder (in German)

You can download the folder on the current mission statement of the City of Leoben here in pdf format: