Waste App & Household Waste Collection Calendar

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When will my waste be collected? Leoben offers various options if you wish to create your personal waste collection calendar for residual waste, organic waste, waste paper and the yellow bin/yellow bag.

Waste App

The Waste App (“Müll App”) provides you with an individual waste collection calendar, and also other digital services concerning household waste, right on your smartphone. This app is free of charge. It is available in app stores for iPhones and Android devices.

Icon: Rote Mülltonne auf türkisem HIntergrund

Download the Waste App here:

Household Waste Collection Calendar

The Household Waste Collection Calendar immediately displays your upcoming waste collection dates. You can save your personal waste collection calendar as a PDF or CSV file, and you can also export it to your calendar.

To display the calendar, select your street name and street number: