Shrub Cuttings & Garden Waste

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Where to dispose of garden waste

You have several options for garden waste disposal depending on the type and volume.

  • At your request, you can have larger volumes of waste such as branches or twigs collected for a fee or you can take them to the ASZ Recycling Centre yourself free of charge.
  • You may also dispose of smaller volumes of tree and shrub cuttings in the organic waste, provided that they are well chopped or shredded.
  • You must dispose of grass, foliage or flowers yourself.
  • You can either put these in the organic waste bin or collect them in paper sacks.
  • The ASZ sells paper sacks with a volume of 110 litres. These sacks will then be collected together with organic waste. You may also dispose of them in the ASZ.

Well shredded or chopped garden waste, especially from bushes and shrubs, is very suited for composting and for aerating the compost heap. Learn more about composting in the section: How to make your own compost.

How to have shrub cuttings collected

Upon prior registration, you can also have your tree and shrub cuttings collected twice a year by the City of Leoben. You will be charged a transportation fee of EUR 23.47.

How it works:

  1. The waste is collected on Wednesdays on prior arrangement by telephone.
  2. Please sign up for the collection on Wednesday or Thursday of the previous week by calling +43 3842 4062-367 at Referat Abfall-, Abwasser- & Umweltmanagement.
  3. You will be handed an invoice for the transportation fee. You can pay the fee either by bank transfer, inpayment or on site at the Referat Buchhaltung of the City of Leoben.

Please note:

  • Where to position the waste: When you position the tree and shrub cuttings for pick-up, please arrange them in a way that makes collection easy and accessible. Do not place them under power lines, lamp posts or trees.
  • Frequency: Each household (single-family home or apartment) may have tree and shrub cuttings collected twice a year.

The following items will not be collected:

  • tree trunks with a diameter of more than 10 cm
  • rootstocks
  • grass and hay cuttings, foliage
  • remains of flowers and potted plants

How to dispose of shrub cuttings yourself

You can dispose of tree and shrub cuttings, grass and foliage yourself at the ASZ Recycling Centre Leoben from Monday to Saturday during opening hours.

Residents of the City of Leoben may use this service free of charge.

How to make your own compost

If you live in a single or two-family house, you may compost your organic and garden waste in your own garden.


  • You will save money: If you have your own compost heap, you will save approximately one quarter of the annual basic waste fee of the City of Leoben.
  • You will produce your own fertiliser: Once the compost material is ready, it is an excellent fertiliser for your garden.

The following items are suitable for a compost heap:

  • fruit and vegetable waste
  • spoiled food without packaging
  • coffee grounds and tea leaves, also with filter paper
  • cut flowers
  • shrub cuttings
  • foliage and grass

These items, amongst others, are not suitable for composting:

  • larger amounts of meat
  • edible oils and fats
  • liquids such as soups or salad dressings
  • nappies
  • vacuum cleaner bags
  • ash

More on this subject: On their website, Eco Counselling (“Umweltberatung”) provide valuable tips for successful composting:  Website Umweltberatung


  • If you wish to dispose of the waste yourself: Residents of the City of Leoben may use the ASZ Recycling Centre Leoben for the disposal of their garden waste free of charge.
  • If you wish to have your waste collected: You will be charged a transportation fee of EUR 23.47.