Bulky Waste

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What is considered to be bulky waste?

Bulky waste is non-recyclable municipal waste that is too big or too heavy for the residual waste container.

The following items are considered to be bulky waste:

  • mattresses
  • upholstery
  • floor coverings, carpets
  • skis
  • etc

The following items are not considered to be bulky waste, e.g.:

  • construction waste (rubble, windows, doors, sanitary appliances)
  • electrical devices, oil stoves
  • old vehicles, car tyres
  • problematic substances
  • textiles
  • packaging and residual waste

You can dispose of these types of waste to a great extent yourself at the ASZ Recycling Centre Leoben (Altstoffsammelzentrum).

Have your bulky waste collected

You can also have your bulky waste collected once a year by the City of Leoben. You will be charged a transportation fee of EUR 22.12.

How it works:

  1. Bulky waste is collected on Mondays on prior arrangement by telephone.
  2. Please sign up for the collection on Wednesday or Thursday of the previous week by calling the Office for Environment and Public Works at +43 3842 4062-367.
  3. Have your bulky waste ready two days before the collection date, at the earliest.
  4. You will be handed an invoice for the transportation fee. You can pay the fee wither by bank transfer, deposit or on site at the Office for Accounting  of the City of Leoben.

Christmas break

The last collection of bulky waste in 2023 is on 18 December 2023, the collection will start again on 8 January 2024.

Please note:

  • What is collected? Please note that only upholstery, mattresses and scrap iron is being collected. Due to the risk of injury, there is no collection of furniture parts with mirrors or glass elements.
  • Separate storage: Please sort your bulky waste by the following categories: scrap iron, wood waste, and non-usable bulky waste such as upholstery or mattresses.
  • Limited collection volume: The maximum volume per of bulky waste collection is 5 m3. This corresponds to the content of a container with a height, width and depth of 1.7 metres.
  • Frequency: Each household (single-family home or apartment) is entitled to one bulky waste collection per year.

The collection of bulky waste is not a substitute for house clearance services. Non-bulky waste must be disposed of in compliance with waste separation or it must be brought to the ASZ Recycling Centre Leoben .

Where to dispose of bulky waste yourself

You can dispose of bulky waste and other types of waste (such as problematic substances, electronic devices, etc.) yourself at the ASZ Recycling Centre Leoben from Monday to Saturday during opening hours.

Residents of the City of Leoben may use the ASZ Recycling Centre Leoben free of charge.


  • If you wish to dispose of bulky waste yourself: As a resident of the City of Leoben, you can use the ASZ Recycling Centre Leoben free of charge.
  • If you wish to have your bulky waste collected:You will be charged a transportation fee of EUR 23.47.