ASZ, Abfallwirtschaftszentrum, AWZ

ASZ Recycling Centre

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Location & contact

ASZ Recycling Centre of the City of Leoben

Am Wirtschaftspark 11
8700 Leoben
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ASZ: +43 3842 4062-270 oder +43 676 84 4062-270

Opening hours

ASZ Recycling Centre Leoben:

Monday to Friday: 07:00 – 17:00
Saturday:  08:00 – 17:00

Reuse Shop:

Monday to Saturday: 08:30 – 16:30
Contact: +43 3842 4062-714
the shop is managed by WBI Leoben

What can I dispose of at the ASZ Recycling Centre Leoben?

The ASZ Recycling Centre Leoben accepts normal household quantities of waste and scrap material that you are not permitted to dispose of with your regular household waste, such as:

  • bulky waste (e.g. car tyres, upholstery, floor surfacing)
  • wood waste (e.g. tables, cupboards, chipboards)
  • scrap iron and scrap metal (e.g. bicycles, sheet metal, boilers, wheelbarrows)
  • green organic waste (e.g. grass clippings, foliage, tree and shrub cuttings)
  • small volumes of construction rubble (max. 150 litres/month without packaging)
  • problematic substances (e.g. waste oils, coolant, old paint, medication)
  • used textiles in useable condition (very damaged or dirty garments go to residual waste)
  • used electrical appliances (all electrical and battery-operated devices)
  • edible oils and fats
  • flat glass (windowpanes, car windows, headlamp glass)
  • paper packaging (cardboard packaging)
  • small digital data carriers (e.g. hard disks, CDs, (floppy) disks, USB sticks – these can be disposed of in a security container and will then be destroyed)

The ASZ also offers the following services:

  • Collection of used clothes: The ASZ provides transparent bags for the disposal of your used or old clothes.
  • Waste container: You can pick up free waste containers for cooking oils (“Fetty”), a bin for organic waste (“Mülly”) and yellow bags (“Gelber Sack”) for the disposal of lightweight packaging.
  • Re-Use-Shop: At the Re-Use-Shop in Leoben, you can buy used goods such as books, toys or kitchen appliances. You can also take your old items to this shop.

How does it work?

Dispose of your waste in the designated containers. You do not need to register for it.

Should you have any questions, contact the ASZ staff on site. Please note that their instructions must be followed.

Please note:

We do not accept large volumes of waste shortly before closing time. The entire facility closes at 17:00.

What goes where?

All waste containers are clearly labelled:

  • Open-air area: Bulky waste, wood waste, construction rubble, green organic waste, paper packaging, flat glass, iron and non-iron scrap metal (except cables and copper), waste oil and mineral oil and large electronic appliances
  • Hall: Used textiles, small electronic appliances, edible oils and fats, most of the problematic substances

Problematic substances:

At the ASZ Recycling Centre Leoben, you can dispose of everything yourself, except for problematic substances. Please hand these to the team on site.

Where can I park?

  • If you dispose of waste in the open-air area, you can use your car to approach the containers.
  • If you dispose of waste in the hall, please park your car in the designated parking areas. We provide shopping trolleys for you to transport your waste materials to the hall.

The infographics below gives you a detailed overview on what goes where.


Residents of the City of Leoben may use the ASZ Recycling Centre Leoben free of charge.

License plate:

Does your licence plate not start with “LE”? In this case, please bring your residence registration certificate (“Meldezettel”) to prove that you are a resident of Leoben.