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In and around Leoben, sports and outdoor fans will find a wide range of activities amidst the Upper Styrian mountain world.

Walking & running

Footpath and cycle path in Leoben

Footpath and cycle path in Leoben; photo: BüKo

In Leoben, you have around 35 kilometres of marked running and walking trails at your feet.

You can choose between seven different circuits, ranging from just under three to more than six kilometres in length. Two additional trails lead towards Niklasdorf.

All trails are marked in colour and with signs along the route. There are also connecting pathways linking the trails.

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Hiking on Maßenburg Leoben

Hiking on Maßenburg Leoben; photo: Freisinger

Hiking enthusiasts will find many tours with different degrees of difficulty in and around Leoben: You can, for example, take a leisurely hike over the Kalvarienberg hill, or a more challenging one to the Mugel.

Information boards at the access points indicate the hiking trails. Leoben Tourist Office, located on the main square, provides you with maps of the local hiking trails.

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Cycling & mountain biking

Cycling in the city centre of Leoben

Cycling in the city centre; photo: Freisinger


Leoben is the starting point for many attractive cycling tours. In addition, the town lies directly on the River Mur Cycling Path and the Iron Road Cycling Path.

Click below for a selection of bicycle tours:

About eight kilometres of the popular “R2” River Mur Cycling Path (“Mur-Radweg”) run through Leoben. The many sights along its path make it a memorable and remarkable cycling tour. It follows the course of the river Mur from its origins in Salzburg to Croatia, where it flows into the Drava.

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The “R38” Iron Road Cycling Path (“Eisenstraßen-Radweg“) runs from Leoben via Trofaiach to Hieflau. The leg to Vordernberg has a distance of 17 kilometres. On your way along the Styrian Iron Road, you will see several old blast furnaces and even historic waterwheel-driven blast furnaces. The many inns along the cycle path provide ample opportunities to take a break, perhaps even longer than initially planned.

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The cycling path from Leoben to Bruck and back (“Leoben, Bruck und z’ruck”) first leads you from Leoben Main Square towards Niklasdorf. Following the old main road, you will then reach the main square of Bruck an der Mur, an ideal place for a rest. On your way back, you will follow the river Mur, cycle through Köllach and end your tour in Leoben. The distance is approximately 35 kilometres, and the duration around 3 hours.

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There are currently around 30 kilometres of cycling paths available in the urban area of Leoben, most of which have their own footpath or cycle lane

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Mountain bike trails

The 5.5-kilometre trail starts on the Leoben side of Mt. Mugel, runs through the Kleiner Gößgraben to the Trasattel parking area, and then up to the Mugel. You can cycle back to Leoben through the municipal area of Niklasdorf. Cycling along this trail is permitted from 1 May to 15 October from 7:00 to 18:00 (or until 17:00 from mid-September to mid-October).

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The trail leads from the Seegraben district via Veitsbergweg, Sonnensiedlung, Prentgraben, Dorfstraße and Veitsberg into the Laintal valley. You may cycle along this trail from 1 May to 15 October from 7:00 to 18:00 (or until 17:00 from mid-September to mid-October).

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Other MBT trails in the region:

Pump track & Calisthenics

Closed in winter:

Beginning Friday, 26 November 2021, the pump track and the calisthenics area will be closed for the winter due to weather conditions.

Pump track

Located at the Leoben-Hinterberg bike route, the facility offers a 37-metre kid’s track and a 119-metre course with waves and banked turns on 1,400 sqm. You can ride the track with anything that rolls – from bicycles to skateboard to scooters and inline skates.

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Cycling path Leoben-Hinterberg, near the former Hinterberg railway station
Fabriksgasse/ Am Wirtschaftspark
8700 Leoben
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Calisthenics training area

There is a 120 sqm outdoor gym on Mareckkai between Hans Klöpfer-Gasse and Alois Edlinger-Gasse with bodyweight training equipment.

Fitness enthusiast at the training

Calisthenics park on Mareckkai; photo: Foto Freisinger


(between Hans Klöpfer-Gasse/ Alois Edlinger-Gasse)
8700 Leoben
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Climbing in Leoben-Hinterberg

Climbing in Leoben-Hinterberg; photo: Freisinger

Experienced climbers can test their skills on the Lesner Wand on Mt. Häuselberg. In good weather conditions, Lesner Wand is accessible all year round. The point of departure is the Häuselberg parking area.

More information:

Austrian Alpine Association – Leoben Section
Waasenplatz 5-6
8700 Leoben
+43 3842 431 43
Website Austrian Alpine Association – Leoben Section

Other climbing facilities in Leoben:

Water sports on the river Mur

Town by the river

Town by the river; photo: BüKo

The centre of Leoben is located inside a loop of the river Mur. The LE Boathouse (“LE Bootshaus”) offers stand-up-paddling, rafting and other activities on the river Mur.


LE Boathouse – Flußwandern
Bahnhofplatz/ below Restaurant Coretto
8700 Leoben
+43 664 88 33 29 30
Website LE Boathouse

Cross-country skiing

Leoben has its own five-kilometre cross-country skiing trail in the Schladnitzgraben. This family friendly trail is also ideal for beginners.

More information:

Gasthaus Schager
Schladnitzgraben 2f
8700 Leoben
+43 3842 261 75
Website Gasthaus Schager

Other cross-country skiing trails in the region:


Präbichl in winter

The Präbichl ski resort near Leoben; photo: Foto Freisinger

The Präbichl ski resort is situated only about 20 kilometres from Leoben.


Präbichl Bergbahnen GmbH
Weidauweg 18
8794 Vordernberg
+43 3849 6060-0
Website Präbichl

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