Recommendations for Good Neighbourly Relations

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A good quality of life has a lot to do with good relations with the people living in your vicinity. On this page, you will find information and tips on a conflict-free everyday life with your neighbours:

Rest periods & noisy activities

Everyday noise cannot always be avoided, but it can be a challenge for those who live in the same house or neighbourhood. In fact, noise is the most common reason for conflicts between neighbours, according to the Styrian Neighbourhood Barometer of 2014.

In most cases, people do not generate noise with bad intentions or on purpose. Yet, neighbours often find noise disturbing. For this reason, please adhere to the rest periods of the City of Leoben and let your neighbours know beforehand if you are planning to carry out noisy work or host a party.

Waste separation & order

Separating waste is not only important for our environment, but also for your house community, because proper waste separation avoids unnecessary expenses. In contrast, a high proportion of residual waste generates higher operating costs. The so-called Trenn ABC (“Separation ABC”) provides information on how to separate your waste correctly.

Pets & hygiene

Rules for dog owners

Having a dog also means having responsibilities:

  • Dog owners must clean up the excrements of their four-legged friends. Those who fail to do so will have to pay a fine (in German).
  • Please make use of the many dog waste bag dispensers available in Leoben.
  • At the dog park in Lerchenfeld, our four-legged friends will find plenty of space to run without a leash.

Wild or dangerous animals

  • If you keep wild animals, you must notify the Leoben District Authority.
  • If you wish to keep dangerous wild animals, you need a permit issued by the Referat Bau- und Straßenrecht, Sicherheit of the City of Leoben, pursuant to section 3c of the Styrian Safety Act (“Steiermärkisches Landes-Sicherheitsgesetz”). Please contact the office in charge at +43 3842 4062-335.
  • It is forbidden to keep wild and dangerous animals in council flats of the City of Leoben.

More on this subject: The website of the services office for shared living “Servicebüro Zusammen Wohnen” provides tips and information on housing and good neighbourly relations.