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Data on water quality and supply

The water quality in Leoben is excellent. The water is very rich in minerals and medium-hard to hard. It is completely free of chemical additives or disinfectants.

Most of the water is drawn from springs and wells in the surroundings of Leoben.

Data on water supply in Leoben

  • Length of supply network: 220 km
  • Number of house connections: approx. 3,200
  • Hydrants: 452
  • Average water consumption per person: approx. 130 litres per day

More on this subject:
The Website of public utilities – Stadtwerke Leoben provides further information on the supply network and the degree of hardness of the water in Leoben.

Have your water quality tested

The water in Leoben and its quality is regularly tested by specialists.

You can also have your own tap water tested by various testing agencies. Please note that this service is subject to charges.

More on this subject: Water testing by AGES

Drinking fountains

Leoben offers numerous drinking fountains with water taps and drinking bowls for dogs.

The drinking fountains can be used during the warm season (they may be turned off in the winter due to risk of frost).

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Office in charge

Stadtwerke Leoben

Kerpelystraße 21
8700 Leoben
Website Stadtwerke Leoben
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Öffnungszeiten Direktion:
Mo & Do: 08:00 – 16:00 Uhr
Di, Mi & Fr: 08:00 – 12:00 Uhr
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Register water connection

For information on how to register a water connection and on the related fees, please click here:

Water Connection & Fees

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