Summer Courses for Toddlers

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Provided there is sufficient demand, the City of Leoben offers childcare provisions during the summer months in kindergartens and nurseries.

Please note: Due to the Coronavirus changes may occur.

The parents of the registered children will be informed accordingly.

Childcare during the summer months 2020:

The City of Leoben offers a seasonal childcare provision from 13 July to 4 September 2020.

Registration process

  • There is one fixed date every year for registration for the summer kindergarten and the summer day nursery. Any applications for registration received on this date will be given priority over registrations made after this date.
  • Early registration prior to this registration date is not possible.
  • The date for registration for the summer of 2020 was 29 January 2020.

Registration is possible at all municipal childcare facilities.

  • Applications from working parents will be given priority.
  • Applications from parents of children from outside Leoben can only be considered on a lower priority basis.


Maximum fees for municipal kindergartens & nurseries during the summer months:

Morning  (until 13:00) Full- time (until 15:00) Extended full- time (until 17:00) can be booked
Nursery/ month EUR 201,14 EUR 276,85 monthly
Kindergarten/ week EUR 34,88 EUR 46,50 EUR 58,13 weekly
Meal contribution per serving EUR 2,75 EUR 2,75 invoiced based on exact number of servings
  All prices incl. VAT

as at 2019/2020


Discounts are granted on the costs of childcare depending on the parents’ income and number of children.


For more detailed information please contact:

Tanja Laure