Kindergarten & Day Nursery Registration

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  • There is one fixed date every year for registration for the municipal kindergartens and day nurseries. Any applications for registration received on this date will be given priority over registrations made after this date.
  • The children registered are ranked according to age. If there are more registrations than places for a day nursery, the older children will be given priority.
  • Early registration prior to this registration date is not possible.

Registration process

Registration for childcare at the municipal kindergartens and nurseries for the year 2021/2022 ended on 10 March 2021.

The general principle applies that for a child to be admitted to a Leoben kindergarten, the principal place of residence of this child must be Leoben. This means that priority will be given to applications from Leoben citizens.

  • Children from outside Leoben will be admitted to kindergartens if there are free places.
  • Nurseries have a waiting list for children from outside Leoben.
  • Nursery: Children up to the age of 3 can be registered.
  • Age extended groups: Children from the age of 18 months can be registered.
  • Kindergarten: Children from the age of 3 can be registered.

Documents you will need

Please bring the following documents with you for registration.

  • Completed admission form for the desired form of care and, if applicable, applications for reductions. The forms are available here.
  • Birth certificate of the child you wish to register
  • Vaccination certificate of the child
  • Residence registration certificate (Meldezettel) of the child
  • e-Card of the child

Municipal childcare facilities

For opening hours and locations of the municipal kindergartens and nurseries please see our service page:

Kindergartens & day nurseries: Locations & opening hours

Costs & reduced fees

Maximum fees/month for municipal kindergartens & day nurseries:

Morning  (until 13:00) Full- time (until 15:00) Extended full- time (Until 17:00) Due date
Nursery EUR 212.44 EUR  291.54 10 times/year
Kindergarten for children aged 3 and 4 EUR 144.42 EUR 192.56 EUR 240.70 10 times/year
Kindergarten for children aged 5 * free (mandatory kindergarten year) EUR 48.14 EUR 96.28 10 times/year
Meal contribution per serving EUR 2.96 EUR 2.96 invoiced based on exact number of servings
  All prices incl. VAT

as at 2021/2022;
* in the last year before the start of compulsory education

Adjustment to income group:

Discounts are granted on the costs of childcare depending on the parents’ income and number of children.

Details on discounts, required proofs of income and the settlement of contributions:

in German:

Kindergarten: Merkblatt (pdf, 0.03 MB) Krippe und alterserweiterte Gruppe: Merkblatt (pdf, 0.04 MB)

For more detailed information please contact: 

Tanja Laure