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Shopping in Leoben

As the biggest commercial centre in Upper Styria, Leoben offers a great mix of specialist shops, craft businesses and international brands. With its special flair, the old town invites you to take a stroll and explore the shops and the LCS shopping centre. The districts offer various specialist stores and retailers.

LCS: Your shopping centre in the heart of the old part of Leoben

The Leoben City Shopping (LCS) centre is a place of shopping and catering right in the middle of town. The shopping centre is located on the grounds of a former monastery in the main square of Leoben. The underground car park has a capacity of 600 parking spaces and regional buses have their stops at the doorstep.

Hauptplatz 19
8700 Leoben
+43 3842 471 00
Website LCS

LCS shopping centre in the main square

LCS shopping centre in the main square; photo: Freisinger

Waasen: Specialist retailers

Only a few minutes walk from Leoben main square, the traditional Waasen suburb offers a variety of specialist stores and retailers.

The characteristic Waasen bridge connects the district and the centre of town. The sculpture of the balancing miner walking the tightrope is an attraction not to be missed here.

The Balancing Miner, a sculpture of a balancing miner in the Waasen suburbs

The sculpture of the “Balancing Miner” in the Waasen suburbs; photo: Freisinger

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All shops, service providers and catering outlets are listed in the Leoben Shopping Guide.

Leoben vouchers

The LE vouchers are a veritable success story: They create value on site, support Leoben business people and make a great gift.

Where can I redeem the vouchers?

The vouchers can be redeemed in more than 250 outlets. They are accepted

  • in the shops of the LCS shopping centre
  • by all members of the “Stadtmarketing” city marketing association

Where can I get the vouchers?

The vouchers are available from City Management Leoben and other points of sale.


There are catering outlets in all parts of town and the culinary provisions of Leoben are rich and diverse.

A world famous beer and brewing town …

Gösser beer from Leoben is world famous. Gösser beer has been brewed in the Göss district since the 19th century and today it is exported to all corners of the world.

Learn more about the origin of Gösser beer on a guided tour of the brewery and the Gösseum. Gösser beer is part of the town’s culture and the best way to experience it is at the Brewery Festival or the Gösser Kirtag fair.

… also known for wine

Leoben is also a secret tip for wine lovers: Every year, some 30 vintners participate in the Wine Festival in the main square to present their fine wines. The wine cellars of many Leoben restaurants are also very well stocked with our fine local vintages.

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All restaurants and catering outlets are listed in the Leobener Kulinarik-Führer