Dog Park & Dog Waste Bags

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Dog park

Dogs in Leoben can run and play freely at the Leoben dog park:

Leoben ­­­dog park

(next to the dog training school of the “Hundesportverband Leoben” dog sport federation)
8700 Leoben

Contact person:
Birgit Glauninger (Hundesportverband Leoben)
+43 664 300 95 91
Website Hundesportverband Leoben

Opening hours: 24/7

Dog waste bags

Dog owners are obliged to remove the excrements of their animals from public spaces.

Dog waste bags at City Hall Information

If you show the receipt that proves you have paid your dog tax (in German) you will receive 400 free dog waste bags per year at City Hall Information at Leoben City Hall.

Waste bag dispensers in Leoben

Sackerlspender im Gärnerpark Leoben

Dog waste bag dispensers; Photo: leopress

  • In 2015, Leoben began to install dog waste bag dispensers in the entire municipal area. They are refilled regularly for you to pick up your free dog waste bag to dispose of your dog’s excrements.
  • The dog waste bags are only suited for the collection of dog excrements – they are not food safe!

City centre:

  • Hauptplatz/Main Square (2 waste bag dispensers)
  • Langgasse (at LCS)
  • Josef Graf-Gasse
  • Glacis Park – centre
  • Gärner Park – centre
  • Stadtkai (Josefinum)
  • Südbahnparkplatz/ entry to Bermenweg

Judendorf/ Seegraben:

  • Seegraben – Bergmann bus stop
  • Proleberstraße – Hippmanngasse bus stop
  • Proleberstraße – Prolebersiedlung bus stop
  • Winkelfeldbrücke/ Schießstattstraße/ Murweg
  • Veitsbergweg parking lot


  • An der Überfuhr
  • Hinterberg bus stop

Leitendorf/ Waasen:

  • Fröbelgasse – Stadtteilpark Leitendorf
  • Mareckkai/ Lendgasse
  • Schillerstraße/ Windischbergweg


  • Göss bus turn
  • Steigtalstraße


  • Bus stop and bus turn Lerchenfeld
  • Kreuzfeldweg/ Kläranlage


  • Weggabelung Im Tal
  • Turnerstraße/ Stahlstraße
  • Kerpelystraße


Dog owners who fail to adhere to this regulation will have to pay a fine (in German) of EUR 20.