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Front view of the Museum Centre Leoben

Museum Centre Leoben, Picture: BueKo

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MuseumsCenter & Kunsthalle

Kirchgasse 6
8700 Leoben
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+43 3842 4062-408
Website Museum Centre & Art Gallery
Head of Department: Mag. Susanne Leitner-Böchzelt

Opening hours

Monday to Friday: 09:00 – 17:00
Saturday: 10:00 – 17:00

Current events

Current events at the Museum Centre and Art Gallery you can find here:

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History of the museum

In 1887, a museum named the “Local Museum for the Political District of Leoben” was opened in Leoben. Since then, that small local museum has evolved and become an important part of the cultural landscape of Styria.

Two display areas

Today, the cultural history museum is comprised of two different display areas:

Museum Centre: History of the City of Leoben

Discover the eventful history of the City of Leoben at the Museum Centre with its exciting permanent exhibition “Tracks into the past – Schienen in die Vergangenheit”. Follow the historic development of the city and learn about major historic events in seven phases.

Media centre

To complete the historical exhibition, a media centre offers visitors a multimedia presentation on the history of the iron and steel industry and also on significant events in the history of Leoben.

Recommendation: Audio guide App

Download the Hearonymus App and let it guide you through the Museum Centre:

Art Gallery: Special exhibitions

In 1997, in the Styrian state exhibition “made in styria” marked the beginning of an era of important exhibitions in Leoben. Since 1998, the Leoben Art Gallery has hosted significant ethnological exhibitions, which have already attracted a total of over 1.3 million national and international visitors.

International cooperation

In this context, cooperation with renowned institutions such as the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna and the Eremitage in St. Petersburg have been established. Today, Leoben is one of the most important museum locations in Styria. From 2015 onwards, the Leoben Art Gallery has been organising large special exhibitions every two years.

  • 1997: State Exhibition „made in styria“
  • 1998: China – Hidden Treasures
  • 1999: Tibet – Gods of the Himalaya
  • 2000: Peru – Lost Cultures
  • 2001: Egypt – In the Kingdom of the Pharaohs
  • 2002: Genghis Khan – Treasures of the Golden Horde
  • 2003: Japan– Samurai & Geisha
  • 2004: Vietnam– Art Treasures of a Millennial Culture
  • 2005: Mexico– Humans and the Cosmos
  • 2006: Islam– The World of the Orient
  • 2007: Jade & Gold– Sensational Discoveries from Chinese Imperial Tombs
  • 2008: The Vikings
  • 2009: Golden Treasures of the Steppe – Sensational Discoveries from the Princely Tombs of the Scythes and Sarmatians
  • 2010: Alexander the Great… and the Opening of a New World
  • 2011: The Return of the Gods– The Hidden Olympus of Berlin
  • 2012: The Bicycle Cult
  • 2013: Fascination Skulls
  • 2014: The Shaolin Monks/ Hit the Mark
  • 2015: Egypt – The Last Pharaohs
  • 2016: Special Exhibition: Toys/ Raw Materials are the Future
  • 2017: The Space of Hope: Fantastic – A Journey through Fantastic Art
  • 2018: PICTURES AND TRACES OF LEOBEN/PICTURES AND TRACES OF LIFE. Discover the Biography of your City.
  • 2019: ICE AGE SAFARI

Location for conferences & events

The Museum Centre and Art Gallery offer a great setting for events, conferences, seminars and much more.

You can find the details in the info folder (in German):

Kunsthalle Leoben: Infomappe Tagungen & Events (pdf, 0.91 MB)

Activities for children

The Leoben Museum Centre offers a broad variety of activities for children. Within the framework of the “Museum Experience”, the centre organises different workshops and activities all year round, providing its young visitors with lots of room for creativity. For example, children can follow the “Tracks of hot iron”, meet the “Styrian Prince” Archduke John of Austria or reveal the “Secret of the old chest”.

Current events you can find here:

Event Calender