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Public buses in Leoben & the surrounding area

Passengers can choose from different bus lines for transportation within the municipal area of Leoben and to the adjacent municipalities.

  • Leoben city centre – Donawitz (Stadtwerke Leoben)
  • Leoben city centre – Göss (Stadtwerke Leoben)
  • Leoben city centre – Lerchenfeld (Stadtwerke Leoben)
  • Leoben city centre – Hinterberg – Göss (Stadtwerke Leoben)
  • Göss – Donawitz (Stadtwerke Leoben)
  • Göss – Schladnitzgraben (Stadtwerke Leoben)
  • Leoben – Proleb/Niklasdorf (MVG)
  • Leoben – St. Peter Freienstein – Trofaiach – Gimplach (MVG)
  • Leoben bus on demand (Stadtwerke Leoben)

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  • Leoben – Niklasdorf – Bruck/Mur (ÖBB-Postbus)
  • Leoben – Trofaiach – Vordernberg – Eisenerz (ÖBB-Postbus)
  • Leoben – Trofaiach / Edling – Kammern (ÖBB-Postbus)
  • Leoben – St. Michael – Mautern – Kalwang – Wald am Schoberpaß (ÖBB-Postbus)
  • Leoben – St. Michael – St. Stefan ob Leoben – Kraubath – Knittelfeld (ÖBB-Postbus)

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Bus on demand

The bus on demand (“Rufbus”) is a special service of the City of Leoben.

  • It travels to bus stops which are not serviced by public buses.
  • It is operated Monday to Friday (on workdays): 08:00 – 18:00.
Bus on demand (

Bus on demand ("Rufbus") of Leoben; Picture: Stadtwerke Leoben


How to use the bus on demand:

  • You can call the bus on demand on this toll-free number: +43 800 300 111.
  • Please book the bus on demand at least 30 minutes before the desired departure time.
  • You can buy your ticket directly on the bus for the transport association price (“Verbundtarif”). The ticket is valid for the zone purchased, including for other means of transportation of the Styrian transport association (“Verbundlinien”).


  • Judendorfer Straße
  • Südtiroler Gasse
  • Pebalstraße/Ost
  • Pebalstraße/West
  • Salzlände
  • Schießstattstraße
  • Draschestraße
  • Seniorenwohnhäuser
  • Hauptplatz
  • Studentenheim – Schillerstraße
  • Zollnergasse
  • Buchberggasse
  • Seniorenzentrum – Pestalozzistraße
  • Stollenweg
  • Seegrabenstraße
  • Veitsberg

From these stops, the bus on demand also travels to the city centre (LCS shopping centre) and to the Main Railway Station (Hauptbahnhof). You can transfer from there to other bus lines.

Tickets & pre-sale

The Municipality of Leoben is in fare zone 102 of the Verbundlinie transport association.

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This section provides an overview of points of sale for the different types of tickets:

In Leoben, you can buy hourly, weekly and monthly tickets for public transport at the following points of sale:

  • directly on the public bus
  • Stadtwerke point of sale at Leoben City Hall
  • Ticket counters at Leoben Railway Station
  • Trafik Interspar, Kokail Herbert (8700 Leoben, Vordernberger Straße 21)
  • Trafik Beierhofer Markus (8700 Leoben, Pestalozzistraße 77a)
  • Trafik Berchtaler Karin (8700 Leoben, Waasenplatz 1)
  • Trafik Engelschön Harald (8700 Leoben, Kerpelystraße 135)
  • Trafik Magart Karl-Heinz (8700 Leoben, Schießstattstraße 1)
  • Trafik Waldmann Michaela (8792 St. Peter/ Freienstein, Kerpelystraße 313)

Where to buy semi-annual and annual tickets: